embers of the SCA are invited to create for themselves a persona, including a name and a coat of arms, which would have been recognized during the middle ages.   Assisting in that endeavor are the SCA’s heralds, who research naming and armorial practices.  SCA heralds also perform important duties with their voices, making announcements and introducing combatants on the field.

An example of SCA heraldry would include our Shire device, seen here. The device of the Shire of Vogelburg is a white or silver field, with a black phoenix arising from flames.  In heraldic terms it would be described as: Argent, a phoenix sable rising from flames proper within a laurel wreath vert.

Devices of some of the members of our Shire include: 

Duchess Jacqueline de Lyons:  Argent, a lion rampant to sinister and in chief a coronet sable, all between four fleurs-de-lys in cross gules.

Countess Kathleen Simonetta Riario:  Or, a cross fleury gules, overall a panther rampant guardant sable bezanty, incensed gules, a bordure rayonny sable.

Sir Motan the Mongol:  Sable, a twelve pointed star surrounded by twelve monkeys, Or.

THL Titus Cornelius Lupinus:  Or, a fess between two wolf’s heads couped addorsed and a pawprint sable.

THL Dinara Torzhokskaia:  Per chevron gules and vert, a pall inverted between two horseshoes inverted and a horse’s head couped argent.

Aurianna Maria Ravenstein:   Per chevron gules and sable, two standing balances and a spider argent.

Sextus Claudius Scipio:  Gules, on a pall inverted argent between in chief two scorpions Or, three scarabs palewise sable.

Robert the Just:  Sable, a standing balance Or and on a chief embattled argent five mullets sable.

Albrecht Gotz: Per pale engrailed ermine and sable, issuant from the line of division a demi-sun or eclipsed sable and a chief indented gules.