Thank you Lady Dinara for the minutes from the April business meeting…

Shire of Vogelburg

Business Meeting Minutes 4/2/19


Jackie McCleary                Robert Grant      Cathy Grant        Cheryl Turbeville             

Lisa Phillips                         David Hansen    Kevin Gibson      Auna Oncay

Meeting dates/time were scheduled with the library manager and Vogelburg was put on their schedule every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6 PM at Robertson Library in Tioga through the end of 2019.  In June the library is booked so another place or day will need to be selected for that month only.  The 2nd Tuesday was decided to try to have the bank statement in and exchequer report ready to be signed early in the month at the meetings.

Lisa:  reported she is the new Kingdom Minster of Children Deputy.

Cheryl & Cathy will do the fundraiser lunch at Spring Maiden on 4/6.  The proceeds will benefit Vogelburg.


Feb balance was $4449.23.

The February report was turned in on time.  One more check for $678.45 to reserve North Toledo Bend state park was written to bring the current balance to $3770.78


Lisa said there is a potential for a demo at the Children’s Treehouse Museum.

Lisa is asking for any suggestions for demos and would like to do a demo at New Llano again this year.

Several Ansteorra fighters have said they would come to one of our demos or fighter practices if one was held closer to the Texas border.

Auna stated that the Fort Randolph staff were interested in a demo and she would check on that again.

It was noted that a copy of the SCA tax exempt form will get some festivals to waive booth fees at festivals.

Cyphacon in Lake Charles is coming up if anyone would like to assist Blackmoor Keep with that demo.

Auna stated the Grant Parish Library would like us to help with the summer reading program in 2020.  Lisa added the Rapides Parish Library is interested in us dressing in garb for their summer reading program in 2019 since theme is princesses/castles.  Auna agreed to check on and handle the summer reading program ideas.

Lisa asked if anyone could get us a connection with the Kent House for some of their demos on doing arts and sciences.  Cathy stated she may have a connection she can contact.

Lisa put together a chatelaine newbie booklet that can be printed and given out at events/demos/meetings.

Quarter Master:

Nothing has been done with the inventory yet.

A 4’X10’ storage building in Leesville can be acquired at half price since Lisa works there.  It would be $20/mo on a month to month basis with the first month free.  This will be voted on by the populace during the May business meeting.

Anyone with shire property needs to get with David Hansen so it can be inventoried and either stored or recorded where the storage is currently.


Auna talked to Ms. Corisee at the Best Western in Alexandria about potentially renting their meeting areas for a Kingdom A&S event in the future.  They have no issue with us renting the location but stated we cannot bring in outside food (except in the cases of tasting for an A&S entry).

  • Renting the large ballroom is $1200 with dinner for up to 200 for one day (8AM-12AM).
  • 2 small ballrooms across the hotel from the large room are $600 w/food.
  • They would give attendees a special room rate of $89.99 for a double queen room and $79.99 for a king suite.
  • They have us penciled in for September 2020 but no actual contract has been agreed on

Auna agreed to autocrat and handle heading up the bid and arrangements for Kingdom A&S 2020.

Auna suggested we have a separate scribal night from a regular general A&S night.  There was interest to do both so that will be pursued to determine if enough people will show up to have two.


Jackie is waiting on Titus to return from the Philippines so the Bylaw Committee can meet and review the proposed bylaws before presentation to the populace.  It is planned to meet at Cheryl’s house once he returns.

Jackie would like us to do a regional fighter practice later in summer.  Several venues were discussed. (Stuart Lake, Lake Buhlow, Kees Park; New Llano).  It was also suggested we move a regional fighter practice to a park in Monroe to get some different groups to participate. 

Lisa would like to see a fighter practice at New Llano or other parks once or twice a year to get interest in other locations.

Kevin would like us to do a shire canoe float down Ouiska Chitto sometime in June.  It was also suggested Stuart Lake would be a good location for a shire social activity.  Kevin will handle putting together the canoe float.

Web minister:

Rob Grant reviewed the Crown List bid and will revise the prices slightly before sending it in for kingdom review.

Rob also showed the new Vogelburg website and asked for any comments and corrections.

Slay the Dragon update:

Lisa went over the pricing breakdown for Slay 2019 (12/13-15/19):

$15 site fee; $7 bed; $8 feast for a total of $30 for members

Site cost: $1314; incidentals $200; feast $800 for a total of $2314 cost; estimate of 100 people for $686 profit.

Lisa asked for a dropdead autocrat for Slay and Cathy Grant volunteered.

Lisa asked Robert Grant to do the flyer for Slay this year.

Auna would like to do an all dragon themed A&S competition.  This would mean everything entered would need to somehow be related to dragons or items in their lair.

Lisa would like to see a sign up for youth to volunteer to help with site duties to help get them involved learning about things they can do in the SCA.  Auna said she would make a scroll and Lisa has someone to make dragon scale leather tokens for youth that assist.

Lisa asked for class suggestions by the May meeting.


  • Fafnir themed event
  • Discussed having a dragon quest
  • Need ideas for site tokens (wire wrapped rings)

Cathy was asked to Herald items around site.

_Meeting Adjourned

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